5 Stages of Human Development

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The 5 Stages Of Human Development 

There are 5 stages of human development. During the existence you learn ,grow and evolve. Life is your school. You’re constantly learning lessons and growing. You are in a continuous process of transformation, but rarely happen that you are aware of this. Unfortunately most of us pass throw this process without  knowledge and by doing this they get stuck in pain and afflictions that can be easily avoided if only we were able to look at things from another point .

is not possible to  see clearly  into the future, especially when you are in full process of change ,and really is not important to see and understand everything now, but is very  important to know  and realise that you are in the process. No matter your current phase, and no mater how detached you are from what is happening to you ,there are some rules that can help you to pass through  and get the best from the moment you are living  if you just learn how to deal with this.

What is should be your attitude concerning the situation that you are living?

The most important rule is  to accept your current place on the path. Don’t expect yourself to be anywhere other than where you are.

Try also to anticipate the very next stage beyond the one you’re in, so you can be prepared for it when it arrives. I know is not easy ,but try to focus on the evident fact that everything is mutable ,everything is constantly moving ,every situation every feeling  that you are currently living is constantly changing ,everything you live now ,day by day moment by moment is moving ,evolve, no matter if you are aware of this or not. Is a proven fact and is very important for your growth processes just don’t loose the chance to grow by resisting or staying  focused  on the pain or confusion that is connected with your current situation. The process of growing is often painful ,especially if we try to resist it, but is very important and every time leads to a positive changing in your life and inside of you…the awareness of this fact is an antidote to the suffering you can experiment in this moment of growth.

Below you can find the five overarching stages that the process of human development lead us through:


 1. Asleep


This is the phase when your conditioning and fears ruled you.  Playing the victim, assuming you  don’t have the power or ability to change you life. Placing blame, neuroticism, fear, and lack of fulfilment are common side effects of being “asleep.“In this case you are living your life by smoother rules and direction, is the phase when you don’t know yourself, your value and your capacities, your true desires. At some point, you realise you’ve been living your life on cruise control and decide to stop.When you arrive to this knowledge you actually arrive to the end of “asleep” phase.

2.  Self – renewal.


Usually, after a lot of wrong expectation and after you found yourself  disappointed again and again, you finally wake up and start asking yourself why that keeps happening.

You start to learn and start looking for answers.You finally realise that life is about learning and finding our true selves. You start to have a lot of realisations, exciting but often  difficult to deal with. ‘Cause in this period you have to cut with a lot of things from your past life, have to go out from the comfort zone in which you lived in and also have to deal with your old convictions. Is a “new life“ moment.You might feel lost at beginning ,might enter in conflict with a lot of people that are not ready to understand your new necessities , your new point of view.

It might be a difficult moment ,but also very constructive ,in this phase you start to move in the direction of yourself , start to define your truly needs and desires, start to be the master of yourself and build a life according to your real nature.

3. Consolidation


At this point of your personal growth process you feel like you have a lot of information but things in your life aren’t reflecting that knowledge, you are now in the consolidation phase. It’s time to roll up your sleeves  and make things happen.

Knowledge is not enough for transformation. You must change your belief systems and behaviours. You start to be able to let go of your old stories and upgrade your programming. Here, now, we do the courageous emotional work of healing old issues so they no longer define us or hold us back. You take the notions you have and the skills you’ve learned and put them into action.

You start to respond to situations you’ve encountered before in different ways. This is the most powerful way to break a pattern. Do-overs are the way you integrate awareness and action.

4. Acceptance


Once you managed to build new habits you begin to accept. You are not another person. You’re just more authentically yourself  than ever. No superior form of life get possession of you , is just your real you .The one that was hidden behind all fears ,preconceptions.The one hidden beneath  all the wrong notions, limits and insecurities.

Does this mean you are totally evolved and never have anything to work on? No. You are still human. The  difference is that now when you get an expectation hangover, you can move past it and into acceptance. You stop fighting with reality and accept it or change it, you are not anymore a victim of it. You are happy with yourself and no longer a slave to your impulses.

5. Implementation and service


This phase is about a bigger vision: changing the lives of others. You feel called to share the love you feel. You can become useful and help people around you to arrive at your knowledge and change their life. This might happen ,not necessary with your direct interference in others people lives but just by being what you are and work as example for others.

To recapitulate, this is not a one-size-fits-all model, but it may help you to lend structure to your unique spiritual itinerary. Each one of the  stages of human development is rich with learning opportunities, be grateful for whatever phase you’re in and enjoy the way that leads you to yourself .





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