12 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

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12 Evident Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationship are sometimes easy to spot. Evident infidelity or physical violence, for example. But there can often be more subtle signs that something’s just not right between you and your partner.

It’s very important to pay attention to how it really makes you feel, staying Keeping under control your own emotions can help you develop insight about the people in your life, so you can choose healthier situations. 

Here are 12 signs you’ve entered toxic territory and what you may be able to do about it: 

1. You take each other for granted

Too often, relationships go south when partners start to take each other for granted. Married people who felt appreciated by their spouse and were acknowledged when they did something nice ,reported higher relationship quality than those who didn’t. “It shows the power of ‘thank you”!

Even if a couple is experiencing distress and difficulty in other areas, gratitude in the relationship can help promote positive relationships.

2. Encourage bad behaviour

It’s one thing when a friend ask you to go out for a drink from time to time , it’s another when he or she orders round after round (even after you’ve politely declined) and encourages you to badmouth or betray your own partner. Sure, your pal may be going through a rough patch, but he or she should still have your best interest at heart. Your relationship with this person should come down to one question: Do you like yourself less when you’re around them? “If you are confident in your values and you’re not swayed by their influence, it might not be a problem.  But if that person brings something out in you, make you act in some way that doesn’t make you feel proud of yourself ,or make you feel ashamed of your own  behaviour , also even if you just feel yourself getting sucked into their bad behaviour, that’s not a healthy relationship.

3. Your partner is aggressive

You may think you know what intimate partner violence is like, but it isn’t always so. Grabbing her hand and saying ‘Get back here, I didn’t finish with you“ or gripping his face and saying “Look at me when I talk with you”.These behaviours represent low-level boiling-over points of conflict.This type of behaviour may be overlooked. It may also be perceived like part of passion involvement or in a very wrong way like a sign that he/she care and we awake in our  partner strong passionate feelings ,but is never like ,is always about personal aggression and has nothing to do with you or what he/she feels about you.

4. You keep broking  things

Punching a wall or throwing objects during fights should also be seen as sign of toxic relationship.Are unhealthy ways of regulating emotions, but they could escalate to actions that really do cause harm.”It’s also about emotional safety: Partners should be able to express themselves without fear of what’s going to happen when they do.Or is, as often happen, about the passive aggression of one of partners that with unhealthy  behaviour and acting , provoke such a strong reaction in partner.If you don’t recognise yourself, and if your partner manage to take out the worst part of you, you should seriously consider the fact that you are in a toxic relationship.

5. You’ve been lied to

If you catch a friend or romantic partner in a lie, it’s important to look at that person’s motivations. “Was in to engage in some behaviour they know you wouldn’t be on board with or supportive of? That would be a really scary place to be, because it’s a strategy they might continue to use. No matter what the reason, make it clear that dishonesty won’t be tolerated in your relationship, especially if you’ve notice a pattern that’s likely to keep repeating.

6. Your partner tries to make you jealous

If your keep being insecure about your relationship, he or she may try to preserve it by flirting with other people in front of you. This may have its desired effect for some time , but it’s not the most  constructive way to address problems in your relationship .It can also backfire: Instead of giving your partner more affection, you may just get angry or decide to retaliate with manipulative behaviours of your own and so create a vicious circle that will destroy your relationship .Your partner should really come to you and talk openly about feeling neglected or lonely not wait for you to figure it out or get your attention in wrong ways.

7. You’re partner phones is the third wheel between you

If your partner or friend’s smartphone feels like the third-wheel in your relationship, he or she may be due for an intervention.More than 46% of couples  confess that they had very big difficulties in their relationship due to social media and the wrong way to interact with it .The constant distraction of social media is often to blame.Sometimes, people may not even realise they’re snubbing their partners, but if you’ve brought it up and your significant other refuses to change, that may tell you where his or her priorities lie.

8. You’re suddenly moody and insecure

Sometimes it’s not your partner’s actions the signal of a toxic relationship; it’s your own. If you suddenly feel paranoid and unable to trust your significant other, ask yourself why. Are you getting more anxious because of something that has to do with you? Maybe you’re in a bad place and are worried about other things, and it’s spilling over into your romantic life. Or is there something about your relationship that’s just not right? Maybe deep down something isn’t adding up, and your partner is trying to tell you something. Open up to your partner and share your insecurities; if he or she gets defensive about your questions, that’s another very bad sign.


9. Your partner critics you always

Constant criticism about your appearance, your intelligence, or your personality is more than just innocent teasing. If is a behaviour that keep continue over and over you’re not going to feel valued or accepted for who you really are. In fact, criticism and contempt including sarcasm, ridicule, name-calling, and body language like sneering and eye-rolling ,are two of the most common signs of a failing relationship.

10. Your friends tell you something’s wrong.

You may not realise you’re in a toxic relationship until things get really bad because you are emotionally involved .That’s why it’s important to listen to other friends who voice their concerns. You need to take those objections seriously, especially when you respect those people’s opinions. Sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective to realise how dysfunctional something really is.



11. Your fights are not constructive.

Fighting can be healthy as long as both partners truly feel better afterward. Arguments only become toxic when situations don’t get resolved . People hold grudges when they feel like their partner doesn’t understand why they’re upset, or they feel that things wouldn’t be any different even if their partner did understand. In order to feel like equals, each partner needs the reassurance that, yes, their voice is heard, and yes, things will be different next time.

12. Last time you touched was long time ago.

Kissing, hugging, and skin contact release bonding hormones and feel-good endorphins, so if you’re not being affectionate on a regular basis, you’re missing out an important part of a healthy romantic relationship. Even your sleeping situation may be a red flag that something isn’t right: A British study discovered that  the farther apart couples slept, the less lucky the were to go on with their relationships.



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