6 Popular Hairstyles in 2017 – Get Inspired Now

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The Most Popular Hairstyles –  For All Personalities 



Choose to be a step forward and get inspiration from the most popular hairstyles. When it comes to hairstyles women are  never lacking in imagination . We saw everything ,every possible find of hairstyle  was put into practice. Hairstyle reflects our personality and is someway a visit card that speak about us, leave a message about how we are. So it’s  important to choose the one that better reflect who you are .that’s why below i selected the most popular hairstyles now but also i payed attention to choose different styles from wild to classic. It’s up to you to choose the one that better fits your personality.    


Browse through the selection i made for you, it will help you to make the right choice and discover the most popular hairstyles:

Low ponytail


Let’s start with long hair, which  will never go out of fashion. For this new season  the low ponytail is very in. Effortlessly chic, it  can be worn on all occasions. From a free day of shopping  to more formal dinners and parties.



Crimped hair


Straight from the ’80s, the crimped hair will give a youthful and vibrant  look to any hair.Crimped hair consists of small waves and dense, that many of you will remember.The hair becomes fluffy and can be collected to create a very special hairstyles, easy to carry, perfect for extravagant parties and why not, even elegant ones.




Messy bun


Now ubiquitous, the messy chignon is a funny but elegant way to tame the hair. This hairstyle is always one of the most popular. Sienna Miller, for example, showed off in a hippy-chic version of the red carpet last Cannes Film Festival, Blake Lively loves it .Is still very trendy, allows us to be always in order. It’s a must have!



Boxer braid


The boxer braids were launched by Kim Kardashian and since then everybody start to wear them ,celebrity or not. This hairstyle looks complicated, but in fact it is a double french braid easy to achieve. It’s suitable for all those who want to be more comfortable and can be used on various occasions. Use it in the gym, at school and anywhere else you want, even during more formal commitments.




Wet locks


Choose it to focus all the attention to the face and eyes, try to comb your hair back.




Accessories & accessories


Headbands, barrettes, flowers, pliers … it does not matter! It only counts that are bold and bright. Choose them showy in size, with a lot of details, with jewel colours or applications like gold and silver. The most popular accessories for your hair are very glamorous!





6 Popular Hairstyles in 2017 – Get Inspired Now

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