How To Make Him Love You – 6 Golden Rules

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How To Make Him Love You – 6 Rules That Will Make Him Yours 



As we all know, is not difficult to seduce a man, the main problem is to keep him and make him really love you.

Specially after 30 years old and a lot of past experiences, disillusions, important love stories and an indefinable number of flirts, men find an immovable balance of single status. Still, conquest him and become an important person in his life is possible.

Just have to find the right technique for making this real. The best way to do this is to try to understand males mind and begin to think like him Start to see things from his point of view, anticipate all his thoughts, his fears, his habits and do this without renouncing of the feminine shyness and body sensuality typical of every woman and that represent a valid weapon to arrive at your man’s heart and remain there.

As John Done use to say “No man is an island “so if your desire is to raise to an upper level your relationship and break your man protective barrier is very possible to do it and it might be even less difficult that it seems ,after all man are simple even that we girls suspects. The following rules are the result of a questionary that seen involved over 50 males with the purpose of discovering which are the main problems and challenging that men deal with in their approaching the opposite sex ,and from this study resulted evident that following some rules can really help to improve the quality of relationship and break some barrier that the difference between the two genders might create.



1. Never sleep with him from the first night


Is universally known that men are hunters, love challenges, is in their nature, they enjoy challenge and succeeded on this make  their ego go straight to the stars. But a very easy target make the game boring and very soon he will lose the interest on you.So if you wanna be more interesting in his eyes just let him think that you are some precious jewel very difficult to have, let him work so much for you and won you at a high  price. He will love this and you also.

2. Never be too available with men


Everybody heard a lot of stories about guys that break up with their girlfriends for being “like a faithful little dog”.Being too available, making your man the center of your universe may be pleasant for him but just for a little time. Soon the pleasure will change in anxiety for having around a person that exist only for him. The ancient fear of all men for responsibility plus the boredom and claustrophobia that derives from having somebody that breath always on your neck will make him run away as fast as possible searching for breath and relief. You surely don’t want this so just put yourself on first place, learn to say no, give more time and space to your interests and show him that you can easily live without him…soon you will notice that you have all his interest and maybe he will even propose you to share some of your passions with him…your choice to involve him in this or not.

3. Never show him your real intentions


If the man you date with conquests you and your heart is set on a diamond engagement ring,,or just an apartment for two, never, really never share with him this desire of yours. Contrary, act like this is your last thought. Males, especially after past experiences of possessive women learned that their freedom is a valuable thing, something to protect at any price and defend it from everybody that threaten it. Just avoid this topic and focus on showing him the advantage of having you in his life, stay away from every kind of pressure and let him realize by himself the importance of sharing life with somebody.

4. Be slippy, unpredictable , independent


Not even the most brilliant mind ever understood how this work but is sure that in love almost all of us choose what is difficult to have, the person that run away from us. Particularly men do it.Once you understood this law it will be easy to use it and make your man chase you. Don’t let him predict your next move, make plans for your journey and let him be the last person that comes to know about it, at least for the first period of your acquaintance.. .this will make his mind busy, will make him think more… about you and your next move. Also when it comes to independence males  will appreciate your ability of managing your life in independent way, being able to have control of various situations and will even might arrive to ask for your support in practical things. We are used to think of men as the strong gender but all evidences shows that they are like kids in need for directions. Do this for your man, soon you will become indispensable in his life. A guide book to consult in hard moments or just in case of some moments of confusion. Show him that you are able to be his guiding star, he will not fail to follow you.


5. Be hot ,sexy and feminine


To keep things interesting you have to embrace sexy as a way of life ,learn to think sexy, be sexy. Just surprise him with some hot behaviour like talking to him on the phone in a easy dirty way, he will be turn on by this and by your sudden sexy mood. Be open about what you want in intimate life, he will respect you for sharing your true feelings. Leave space for sexiness anytime in your life even if you just have an ordinary evening. Take initiative sometimes and remember always to look nice, warm, desirable and especially let him know you are doing all this for him. All this will make your man feel special and important.

6. Love, love and love


Love is a primary need of all human beings. Is nothing that can make you feel alive like love. Is no other feeling that can light us, make us grow and give sense and input to our existence. Use all the strategy that you want but let him know your feelings, show to your man the importance of this wonder, if words can scare just use some beautiful gestures reserved only for him. Use the dropper and put every day some drop of love in his life, he soon will become addicted and will realise that yes there are a lot of great things, experiences and adventures in life, but the greatest of all is love.





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