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Horoscope 2017- Predictions For All Zodiac Signs

The most significant passages concern Jupiter, like every year ,changes sign. In 2017 the planet of Luck will pass from Libra into Scorpio.

The handover will take place in October,  until then friends of Libra- Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius and Leo will have a whole long year to realise their expectations.

When Jupiter will be  in Scorpio he will finally give a hand to Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces and Cancer, who waited impatiently for a little ‘luck, especially economic, but of course will be especially generous with Scorpio friends.

Another important change is concerning  Saturn, that after about three years in Sagittarius, in late December will move into Capricorn. During these long months in Sagittarius he has faced up to its responsibilities and its limits especially Pisces, Gemini and Virgo, and to a lesser extent  Sagittarius also.

Saturn in Capricorn will test Cancer, Libra, Aries, Capricorn also will have to suffer from the presence of such a heavy plant like Saturn in their sign. The greatest benefits from this transit will have it  Taurus friends – Virgin, Pisces and Scorpio.

The top ten recommended  by the stars?  Until October- Leone  from now on and , with a record sprint at the end of December, Scorpio.

Let’s see sign by sign which are the horoscope predictions for 2017:


(March 21 -April 20)

Is starting a new phase of your life, it happened quietly often to you  close the door on your past, but in 2017 you will do it even more. You will slam the door with force, will lock it and  will throw away the key, putting heavy things in front of it in order to avoid that someone can reopen it again. This is a very unusual behaviour, for you. Usually you are so happy to start something new, so eager to find out what the future reserve  you, that you do not loose time in looking back.

Instead, for some reason, at the beginning of 2017, being able to control yourself, never to return to your former life, it seems to have an extraordinary relevance. Although even if the events of your life in the past months were kind of pleasant ,you have this hurry to arrive as soon as possible at the end of all and  really let it all behind.You just feel this strong need to let all behind close the door once for all and start everything from beginning. You have no fixed goal to reach, or at least, not right away. In September, a solar eclipse in your sign will probably mark the beginning of a new chapter of your story, but between the final conclusion of the old situation and the new beginning, you will spend the whole summer, during which you will just let yourself carried away.enjoying each moment without so many thoughts and plans. On a personal level, it will be a real delightful moment. You will have time to renew old friendships and make new ones, You will think about yourself on yourself and your lifestyle, introducing a few small changes, if you consider it appropriate. Or maybe not. Life will be whatever you wish it to be, without any pressure from friends, relatives or other people.

That’s what makes it so special. And even if you do not have firm plans for the future, you are not at all worried about this . Maybe it’s because of Saturn, the planet of restrictions, whose gloomy presence usually does the future look like a place full of pitfalls and obstacles, but currently is in a different part of your sky compared to 2015 and 2016. The future will then appear lighter and less complicated, and you are happy.

2017 will be a very special year for LOVE. The dance of Venus and Mars, the lovers of the zodiac archetypes, will begin in February, when the two planets will meet in your score after nearly two years.

They will repeat this love dance then at the beginning of September, in the love section of your astrological chart and one last time in November. Anyway , you are currently at a romantic level, you should expect some steps forward: if you have no  love connections, you may find yourself struggling with a new romance; but if you live in a relationship, you might decide to get serious, and so on. And since Mars and Venus shall not depart from each other during the year, the level of attraction and desire will always remain very high. It is indeed the case to follow your heart, now more than ever.

For work and  BUSINESS , will be a year dedicated  more to programming than acting. You will have the  necessary time to consider different options: you will not be forced to accept the first proposal. In October and November you’ll be back in business  and probably before then ,you will find a new role. From a financial standpoint, the year looks promising, with the best months in March and April. The summer will be rather expensive, but you will enjoy yourself so much that you will not care about anything.


(April 20 -May 20)

For Taurus, the most striking element of 2017 will be the greater freedom they will enjoy compared to previous years. You spent so much time in a limited area, perfectly knowing the possible boundaries and dangers that were beyond it, that now you get used so much with the limits  imposed by last years stars that you even arrived to prefer  not to take the risk to overpass them. Like any true Taurus, you have your favourite corner, where the grass is particularly inviting, and you become nervous even just at the idea that someone else can invade your territory.

This year, however, they removed the fence around the pasture, and they left the gate open if you want to go in the near field, now you can do it. In fact you’ll find that there’s a whole world out there, with hundreds of new fields to explore.All you have to do is to  look up and look around. If you are scared of the idea of getting away from the environment familiar to you, you can count on two precious aids. First of all, you will have no guardian looking for you throughout 2017, except for a brief appearance in the summer, and this means that you can act on your own initiative, without fear that someone can stop you. And if you’re undecided on which direction to take, the stars will give you some useful tips to make the best choice, thanks to the lunar and solar eclipses in spring and autumn. This aspects will create  interesting new opportunities, which will give you the confidence you need to take the first important steps forward.

That same sense of freedom characterise also  your emotional relationship. If you’ve been keeping your story a little ‘subdued, because of some external constraints or unresolved issues from past relationships, in the new year you will see that everything will work out and you you will be free to deepen the relationship. Again, it will take some months before you will  realise just how many things you can do together; Your cautious nature and habit to remain within certain limits have led you to have habits that are difficult to abandon.

But the most exciting aspect of this  new freedom, and certainly one that you like the most, is the idea that this story can have a future. Now there is no reason why you should not make  plans and dreams about a future together. In February, you will decide to keep secret for a while ‘an intense and passionate story, but then your relationship will be successfully consolidated.

From the point of view of work, the best time of the year will undoubtedly spring season. 2017 will begin with your planet, Venus, approaching the top of your astrological chart , the  success centre.Where it will stay for the first few months of the year: Take the opportunity and see how far you can push yourself. The finances are quite variable, with a period of doubts  in May and June:The situation become much better from September, and in the end of the year you will feel more relaxed and your financial situation will considerably improve.


(May 21 -June 20)

The forces of fate likes to test us, to see what we are capable of. It seems that in recent months you manage to deal with problems very well, considering that in 2017 you will be “promoted” to a higher level. But you will realize that things are a little more difficult, at least until you get used to the new rules, you will improve your shooting and then start to aim for more ambitious targets.

If you were hoping for an easy year, you have to know that it will not be , but when at the end of 2017 will you look back to see where you arrived, you will be pleasantly satisfied with the result. The progress that you will take will depend on the efforts that you will be willing to do, and that’s good, because it means that you can proceed according to your rhythms. For  the most  parts of the year, the active planets will be found on the eastern side of your sky and when that happens, the actions and the initiatives are arising from yourselves; on the contrary, when they are on the other side, the stimulus comes mostly from the others or by external circumstances, certainly more difficult to control. Obviously there will be times when you will commit some mistakes, and at that point you would like to come back to the easy  life to be that you once had; but in each of these occasions, you will be able to get back up in two to three weeks, and these experiences will be very instructive.

There will be an episode of this kind at the beginning of the year, when you realize for the first time that the rules of the game have changed. It will happen again in the summer and autumn, but each time it will seem easier than before. The situation looks heavy, but in reality there will be sweet, and in some cases even funny moments. And, for your great joy, you will not run the risk of boredom ,not even for a moment,. This year’s challenges are exactly what you needed.

Even your private life will make a very important step forward. A lunar eclipse in April in the love sector of your astrological chart  will provoke a transformation of your own role within a relationship. Maybe what you had before was not enough and you want more; or maybe you were pretending to be something you are not, and at this point you have decided to be more honest about what you are and what you want. In September, you will accomplish a step further, that will  bring you even further. All this may sound risky, such as when trying to run before you  have learned to walk, but in fact the opposite is true. In what you are doing now it can be noticed a great sense of maturity and a deep determination. You are doing what you have always wanted, and you will step in a degree that so far there was precluded, in love ,exactly like in all other areas of your life, this year.

At the end of the year you will find yourself at a major crossroads in terms of employment. What will be offered to you  will seem just a job, but if you consider it in the light of where you were and where you are going, you will find that it is much more. will touch  in fact exactly the hub of everything you believe in and hope for : and this will bring finally harmony inside yourself and make you to finally have peace with you younger self, full of hopes and ideals. Financially speaking, the year will start to get better after April, with peaks in May and July. Overall, however, it will be a period of shrewd investments, always thinking about the future.


(June 21 – July 22)

2017 will have much to offer, but its steps will be irregular, and for that you’ll have to concentrate on what you are doing to get the best from it.Earlier this year, there will be many restrictions and you must be patient and invent something to distract yourself.

With the end of winter and the coming of spring, however, the flow of events will greatly accelerate and then you’ll have to be quick and ready to take the most of the opportunities that will arise. The summer will be good, even if endure some of the restrictions that have already held in 2016: in spite of progress, then, you still have to slow down.

All this will seem frustrating, or perhaps reassuring, but in any case it is always better than staying stuck in traffic without going anywhere. In the autumn there will be another phase of sudden changes and rapid progress, but it will be only in the last months of the year that you will feel that you have complete control of the situation. When, in December, you look back, you will find that it has come a long way, and you’ll be flattered, especially after a very slow start.

In private life, the year will be characterized by an uninvolving relationship  from emotional point of view, but at the same time able to significantly improve your social status. For a while , you will become a powerful couple , able to arouse the admiration within your circle of friends. It’s a feeling that you’ve never experienced before, and at first will also be difficult to manage with ; in the past, you always managed to maintain strict confidentiality about your private life, but now you are forced to share it with others, at least in part. It will only be a few months later when the novelty will be partially dimmed, you will have the impression of being able to stay together really. But not all problems are solved.

It is a relationship that involves a particular way of life, particularly congenial to you. When there is a discussion, as happens in any relationship, you may find yourself thinking that this lifestyle is enough to compensate for problems of love, but then you will naturally ask you if you are together for love or for … shopping. It will be a rather uncomfortable question.

As for  work, there will be some significant moves to be made in the spring and autumn. Do not waste time wondering if you’re up to, but immediately presented your application and try to beat the competition with the right mix of bravado and rush: you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If after six months you’ll find that  your new position has not reached the long-term potential you hoped for, you can always move on to something that will convince more. Keep the established route and not settle for something of lower level. And do not worry even for the money: this year will be one of the most generous, particularly interesting signals in January and then again from April to October.


(July 23 – August 22)

At the beginning of 2017, you will find yourself still in the gestation phase of a new era began for you last year. Jupiter is still positive and offers a continuous stream of new opportunities: All you have to do is accept any of them , and the success will be guaranteed. If you have not yet grasped  any of these offers there may be for two reasons: either there is someone else who hinders you , and you wait for him to leave; or you are so accustomed to the feeling of well-being that Jupiter always brings with it, that you  don’t feel the need to do something, at least until the powerful planet  will remain in your sign: a little like  cats do when they find a comfortable place in which curl up to sleep in the heat.

The problem with the good planets is just that. When they are positive, you’d like that life would continue exactly as it is, and it’s only when moves on that you realize that you should have a more active role. You should consider the presence of Jupiter as an opportunity to sow seeds that will germinate and bear fruit for the rest of the decade and the beginning of the year 2020.

This year’s eclipse indicate that you are paying attention not only to what you do, but why you do it. The reasons that were the basis of your ambitions a few years ago, maybe, are no longer valid now; or maybe just because you are grown up you must be tightened. In both cases, you have to exploit the opportunities offered by Jupiter and proceed in the right direction keeping in mind the person you are today, not that of a few years ago.

This year, your relationships will be characterized by cheerfulness but also accompanied by malice. This is not a problem for you, it is  natural for you that a love story should be a little complicated also in order to be even more intense. For the most part of the year, in your private life you will experience influences from Saturn that impose limits. It does not mean that your love affairs can not go on, although inevitably lose some of their spontaneity and their charm. The only exception will occur during the summer, when Saturn will be forced to move away and also Venus will be in Leo. The combination  should give rise to a  memorable summer in terms of passion …

This year the key to success is to be always yourselves. All of Leo natives are capable of great things, but only if they have access to a designated area in which to operate, and the freedom to proceed in their own way. If your current role limit the  freedom of expression, it is time to change. The breaking point will arrive in March, and could provide some heavy exchanges of opinion, although in the end everything will be fine.


(August 23 -September 22)

At the beginning of the year you will  try to accomplish everything you’ve started and is net yet complete, so that you  can leave behind a neat and exact situation, as you like it. . In any case, whether you are rearranging past issues or making the suitcase to face the future, this year will be in the eye and you’ll have to roll up your sleeves. Mars, the energetic planet whose arc in the sky defines what elements of your life will be more challenging in the coming months, spend a long time in the very sign of Virgo and this period will be very  active, especially from a practical point of view.

Even in your private life is about to begin a new era, with Saturn who will assume a new position at the base of your card. And this can mean that after  the initial attraction is very probable for you arrive at a  long-term commitment in your relationship. Shows that you are taking very serious about your current relationship. For you, it is an essential basis on which to ground all your hopes for the future. If all this seems admirable but uninspiring, fear not: there will be a lot of passion, especially in the latter part of summer and autumn, when Venus and Mars, celestial lovers, will join for the last time in the year right in the sign of Virgo.

It will be  a period of transition also for profession. Since all other areas of your life are taking a new direction, it is quite natural that the same happens also at work. Maybe you only need to make a few small changes. But you’ll have to keep an eye on the finances. In April, it will be necessary to recalculate the family equation-revenue-lifestyle, to adapt it to your new condition. Even May and September can  be difficult months, but in both cases the solution is to always remember where you are going and always looking ahead to proceed. Problems arise only when you lose patience and you look back.


(September 23 -October 22)

If you are tired of struggling through obstacles and difficulties, 2017 is the year that you were waiting for, as it would offer most of the things listed on your wish list and, above all, should treat yourself enough time to take advantage of it, without forcing you to take care always on the other.

Venus, your planet, will spend not just weeks but even months in the areas of the sky that most suit you, and these pleasant situations are taking place at regular intervals throughout the year, giving you the impression that there is always something nice ready for you. It will be a year of great equilibriumWhat makes you happy is to have a good relationship with someone special, and this year seems to have what it takes in this regard.

Solar and lunar eclipses occur in your own sign provides many opportunities throughout the year to start a new relationship to take the next step an a existing relationship. Eclipses are the key to change and grow during the year, and when they occur in the most personal areas of astrological chart, indicate that the entire year is defined, by what happens in your private life . If we add to this the meeting of Venus and Mars exactly in the corner of the relations, the message could not be clearer: 2017 will be a year in which love will be on top of your concerns, and everything else will be in secondary plan. The best time will be placed in the summer, when you will be able to  do all the things that you have always promised to do and – icing on the cake – even  be able to do them together. It’s like living in a movie  and you would like it to last forever.

At work, it might be time to re-invent. Maybe your colleagues and co-workers have become accustomed to seeing you in a particular role, and this makes it harder your transition to something new. In April, you can leave that stereotyped image and present  to the world a new version of yourself. The new look will be accompanied by a new attitude and a new set of talents. Obviously there are qualities that you have always had, but that you had kept hidden for too long. But now you will have the opportunity to put them to good use.

In summer you will decide that life is too short to spend it doing something that you do not like, and  in September you will break with a past that no longer belong to you anymore.

It will also be the right time to renew your finances: the restrictions that have limited your buying power will vanish completely in the year and, apart from a brief period in the summer when you have to pay some debts, you can do anything you want with your money. This year will propose you some extravagances, but why not? After all you are celebrating your new me, and you deserve it!


(October 23 – November 21)

The time of Saturn in Scorpio has ended, and will not see again until the year 2040. At the same time, even the fights between Uranus and Pluto, the planet of your sign, is about to end and by the end of April of 2017 will be just a memory, will come back only among several decades. In recent years it has been subjected to strong pressure, but fortunately now everything is solved. You are free and life there definitely seems bizarre. It may be that you need a bit ‘of time to fully appreciate the true meaning of this freedom, and what you can do.

The presence of Saturn in your sign some years ago  changed you , as happens to anyone subjected to its influence. You are more energetic, more determined and more fit, and what once seemed desirable or even essential in life, now appears to be superfluous. Anyway now you can see that the life you were living some time ago, no longer exists, and even if it were possible to go back, you would not be interested anymore.That go on, and for once, the choice is entirely yours. Instead of being forced to adopt a certain course of action to circumstances beyond your control, you can now count on an extraordinarily wide range of options.

In relationships, you feel that it is time to get serious .You have lived many things together, but it is now appropriate to proceed further in your intentions, pointing toward a common goal or a specific date, ‘cause  this may be more complicated than expected. You’re both too used to go your own way.

Be patient, take things easy and try to aline your lives before making some proposal.

It will be a fantastic year in the workplace. Jupiter, purveyor of all the positive things, will be at the top of your astrological chart for most of the year, and in these cases the success is almost guaranteed. In summer is then joined by Venus, and you will have them both at your service, you will have more than you could hope for. Simply, you are not accustomed to this level of flattery.

There will also be great opportunities, so try to take advantage of your “fifteen minutes of glory” and hold it while you can.


(November 22 – December 21 )

2017 will be a year of two very different influences, blended to achieve something that will be both sweet and bitter. The sweetness factor is the presence of Jupiter, your ruling planet, which will reach the top of your paper in early August and will remain there until the end of 2018.

It will be the culmination of a progression that began in 2015, and you will be rewarded for all the work done over the past seven years. It also means that you should start thinking about your next destination, although with Jupiter that will go very , there is no hurry.

The second element of the mix, the bitter, is represented by the Saturn in your sign. As in any self-respecting cocktail, it is always the darker element to give the drink the true strength and true character, and the same goes for planets. It was the ’80s that Saturn was not in the sign of Sagittarius, which is why his presence there seems so unfamiliar.

Unfortunately there is no way to ignore it, and its influence will permeate every aspect of your life and yourself. His goal is to help you to move from one phase of your life, leaving the past behind and preparing you for the future, but it seems to always get the wrong moment, and you will feel his presence strongly. Yet, more you try to oppose, and worse things seem to go: the only solution is to accept that life changes constantly, that the design of destiny does not always follow the schedule that you would like, and that it is often better to let things we do not need any more, even though we are still bound to them.

Even in private life, it’s time to bring your story to a higher level, but it could be very bad news if you remain clinging to the past and you refuse to face the future. Change is the essence of life, and nothing can stand still and unchanging forever. And to be really honest, you won’t even like this: it’s just that we love to pretend to know when is the right time for these changes, while in reality it is not always possible. This year’s eclipse, which will occur in spring and autumn, will show that your relationships have reached their limits in certain directions, and keep it like this will be just an inevitable stagnation. It will be necessary to renew them or redefine them so that they can grow and develop in new directions. The result may not be as you expect it, but that belongs to the past, now you have to live in the present and give up on expectations. Change and growth go hand by hand: you can not have one without the other. Be brave and let yourself be carried forward.

With Jupiter at the top of your paper, the prospects in the workplace may not be best. It is a good time to start thinking about some long-term change, not just a new job, but also a new career, and maybe a new lifestyle that accompanies it. Eclipse in September will allow you to imagine a very different future, which can be yours.

This year’s finances, a traditionally problematic for the natives of Sagittarius, will go well. But is really you that control money, for once in your life, or are money that controls you?  If so, you will struggle valiantly: your freedom  has always been  a greater value than money.


(December 22 – January 19)

This 2017 you will have to be selfish, as much as possible. Having spent the last five years in the higher areas of your astrological chart  , Saturn, your planet, will slide in one of the quietest areas of the sky, for you this  mean a period of rest and recovery.You no longer need  to be always available, ready to help everybody and to accept new responsibilities, 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7.

You can enjoy the luxury of being out of service, far away from the office, and even turn off the phone from time to time. But above all, it will be a year that will give you time to reflect. You have so much work that you have probably forgotten what you were looking for, you should think about what you really want, and what would you do differently if you could start all over again.

You should also analyse carefully the recent past and you will see things that you had not noticed then. All this introspection is has a reason . The last years of this decade will be for you a golden age, a time when you will get much more than any other time.

2017 therefore promises to be a programming phase. It will be the year in which you turn away quietly from the places, the people and the activities that you do not like anymore, and start  to do the things you’ve always dreamed of.

And never mind if this will provoke some discussion with friends or colleagues. It will also be a moment of honest self-assessment: after all, no one knows you better than you know yourself. And if there are things that need to be changed, this is the right time to do it. Even private life plays an important role in your ambitious project for the future.

A romantic encounter in the spring could turn, in the summer, into something special. From the first moments spent together, both felt that it is a story destined to last long, if not forever. For this reason, don’t  hurry : both of you will be  happy to just stay friends for the most part of the year. Very close friends, obviously, with a deep and absolute trust in each other, always available to listen and to offer support. But nothing more than friends. Only towards the end of the year, you will experience the desire to deepen your relationship.

But is  really that important, since you’re well together, and you are so happy?

At work, seem that you to deliberately take a step back, away from the front lines. In part, this is due to a small hitch in the month of April, when you will  feel that you have been treated unfairly. From that day you will decide to give priority to your interests, and then you will begin to plan a different career path.  Pay even more attention to finances, doing more with less, to reduce both the risks and the costs. Summer is positive, but be careful if you enter into agreements or contracts from  May to September.


(January 20 – February 18)

The 2017 will be the year of your liberation. After three years of tensions and constant bickering, the conflict between Uranus and Pluto will finally end in March this year and Uranus, your ruling planet, will be free to proceed further. You feel that finally have paid off your debt with the past and fulfilled all your obligations and there will be nothing to hold you back. Of course you can also choose to stay where you are, but there will be a huge difference between being in a certain situation for your free choice or because you are forced by others.

Whatever you decide to do, you can count on success: the energetic Mars starts the year in your sign. Throughout this period, the road of progress appears perfectly linear, and you will feel full of energy. You will  have the impression that you can get anything you want, is you just  roll up your sleeves, and it is exactly like that. In July there will be a few days during which seem reoccur some issues related to the past, but it will be a bit ‘like when a hurricane is announced then  actually reveals to be  a simple storm, much less threatening than we were afraid of . And from that moment you will have no more worries.

2017 will be an excellent year for interpersonal relationships, even though it will probably take two or three attempts. Earlier this year there will be a missed opportunity that will escape out of hand, because both of you will be distracted by other things. The second chance will come in May, and will be characterized by a bad timing in spite of the good intentions, which will then be misinterpreted.

Strongly intending to be successful, you will try again  in July and this time everything will be fine. The rest of the summer will be wonderful, and you will be so happy that what happened will prevail on all other aspects of your life. This relationship is the only thing really important to you.

You will also be free to proceed shipped in the workplace. Saturn, the planet that  in recent months has added his restraining influence on your workload, appears weaker than before, and it should not be hard to overcome any obstacles put in your way.

At the end of the year , Neptune, the planet can inspire and disappoint at the same time and is possible to  make your financial situation somewhat precarious, so pay particular attention. In return, you can count on good times in January and October, which should balance the whole.


(February 19  – March  20)

In 2017 you’ll find yourself under pressure, in ways that you’ve never experienced before, and it may take a little ‘time to get used. Saturn has taken a position at the top of your astrological chart , where it will remain for the next two years.

During his stay, you will find that the demands on you will become more pressing: you have to take decisions and deliver results, in situations where you never wanted to see you.Saturn wants something from you ,is time to grow ,and if you obstinate to resist it will just make things worst for you.

Many people would consider it as a step forward, while the increase of responsibility could be seen as an incentive to improve their state, but these things do not affect you, especially if you translate it impossible to come and go as you please .

But whatever you want to consider these changes in fact they occurred and you must come to terms, because it is impossible to escape to Saturn. If you can not defeat him, at the end of March you can count on an escape route, but remember it is exactly that, and nothing more: it is not a door that you can use when you want to leave, and then come back when it suits you. However, it is highly likely that then you’ll get  used to the new routine. In January, you will be nervous and resentful, but already in mid-February will be happier: we must always remember that Pisces is the sign of the zodiac more adaptable, able to coalesce and flourish in any environment. You just need a bit ‘of time, that’s all.

In private life,  you will  resend  pressures. Saturn impose seriousness and wants you to define your relationships once for all. It will be challenging but also very constructive as it allows you to finally put order inside of yourself and in your interactions with others. Is a hard work, but Saturn wants you to grow.The eclipse of September, brings a gift which will change your mood ,totally unexpected, but in a positive way.

So, seems that your private life is going to throw the switch, and that you are ready to take a more serious attitude towards love stories and their role in your future. You’re not just playing, but you have fixed precise objectives that you want to achieve. This determination is not just a response to the many offers made by Jupiter, but also a reflection of the presence of Saturn. However you try to avoid it, from now on the no frills approach of Saturn will be felt in every aspect of your life, even if, as you will see in August, that does not mean you can not enjoy yourself.

In 2017  you will almost inevitably receive some sort of promotion or a change of level on the job, even if you do everything to avoid it: fall in the influence of Saturn. The real crux will come in November, but you will have much time to prepare your response. Although later change your mind, all this is part of a sequence of moves that will last well into the next year, making the situation particularly fluid, with different possible outcomes, as you like it.

The good news is that usually the promotions also improve the finances, and this time will be no exception, as you will see at the end of the year.

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